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These next two days will be the pivoting point in my college career. I do well and I stick around. I don't do well, and well, I'll be figuring out what to do from then on. Fatigue is looming over and it's becoming a bit difficult to stay alert. But I say fuck this shit, I'm a beast. I got this.

On another note, why are homophones so hard for people? Is "your" and "you're" truly baffling? And is "to" and "too" that difficult to figure out? Fuck, native English speakers are horrible. Additionally, I don't know if people realize how ineffective insulting someone with improper grammar is.


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Mmm, so I have less than an hour and a half to finish up a paper that's due. I hate the fact that if I don't feel the vibe to write essays, I won't write. This sucks. Hopefully I can just pull through and bs the rest of this haha :p.

So after about a month and a half of inactivity, I'm ready to buff up again. I got pretty tired of my muscles being all pudgey. I'm gonna hit the weights again tonight. I'm looking foward to it.

Well, that's about it for now. Just a tad of ranting. I'm out, peace.
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Hm, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. Let's see, first off, happy belated birthday to myself. Although I just hit 19, I feel as I've been alive much longer. Anyways, what's good...

Ah, school first off. At the moment I only have one class at SJSU, English 1B, on Thursday evenings. I've been late to two out of three sessions and completely missed one haha. Horrible, some reason, I'm just not into it. Like, I'll just sit and stare at my assignments and just put it off to the point where it's just too late. I'm just gonna have to rough it out until I finish the class.

On the bright side though, I'm excited for De Anza to start up. I'll be taking Korean 1A on Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon and Macroeconomics, which I failed last semester at state mind you, on Friday mornings. The only gripe I have about Econ is the fact that it's in the morning. Like, 8:30am in the morning. But I mean, it's once a week, so it's not too bad...right?

I'm pretty stoked for Korean. Aside from being an advancement in my major, it'll be a huge personal chapter in my life. I'm hoping that I'll be able to really chat with my grandparents before they kick the bucket, which won't be for a long time since they're so alive and kickin' :).

Hmmm, what else. Ah, I finally was pushed far enough to just give two (possibly three) week notice at work. I'm tired of being treated like shit and receiving no praise or credit for what I do. It's bullshit and I'm tired of it. Regardless, It's been two years and it's time to move on. If things work out, I got something dope, in store for all you. :p

Well, it's time for me to sleep. I'll be around. Late.
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Holy shit...I just had a major mindfuck. Luckily I didn't shit bricks.

So I saw some pictures of me from about five years ago. Obviously, I'm not the same person I was that long ago. Deep down, I won't change. But skin deep I can.
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Late night posting once again.

Late night routine once again.

Late night drinks once again.

So I'm gonna head back to Antioch later today, do some laundry, wash the car, etc. It's been awhile actually. I ponder a bit how easily I let time slip through the cracks of my fingers. What seemed as merely a couple months have emerged as a good half a year already. And then I recall, I'll be 19 soon. Gee, only 19? Since I've moved down here, it seems that I've aged years beyond what reality leaves me with. Interestingly enough, I feel as the school year zipped on by, but everything in between leaves me with a feeling of...well, nothing. Just a void in my life that seems wasted almost.

Alas, I know that those moments were not spent in vain. My passion for music has developed more than I have may estimated. I may not be able to solo well, or play guitar clean, but I know that my place isn't necessarily that, I found my voice, I know how I sing now. May lightning strike me as I walk through my door, nothing will stop me to develop that.

Additionally, I realized that I have a knack of picking up on certain things quickly. Drums are probably the most blatant example. With a tad bit more practice, I could, no wait, will confidently drum just as confidently I sing.

What annoys me is the fact that I find an excuse to turn to a tad of alcohol to comfort me when I am not content with life. Tonight I down two bottles of Guinness Extra Stout. I'll try my best to refrain from drinking for awhile. Although, I have a good feeling that I'll hit that 180 faster than I can say "one."

So a real update with my life: Allergies are killing me to death. I take benadryl and it tends to kick my ass for a few hours, but within this apartment, it remains my only relief. I met a cousin of some people I stand in a post-friendship stage with back in Antioch, at school. Now we're pretty good friends and jam a bit, along with Mr. Pants, him, his brother and a friend. So to clarify that, the line up is me, Mr. Pants, Ivan(him), Vernie(his brother) and Kevin(friend). Amongst the five of us are multiple instrumental talents which leave me thrilled. Here lies a potential band of sorts. So here's the line-up/instruments (in order of strength) I'm aware of:

Me: Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar/ Drums
Mr. Pants: Lead/Solo/Rhythm Guitar
Ivan: Piano/ Lead/Solo/Rhythm Guitar/ Drums/ Vocals
Vernie: Lead/Solo/Rhythm Guitar/ Piano/ Vocals
Kevin: Lead/Solo/Rhythm Guitar/ ?

If you guys read this, be cool, I'm just being analytical of what I've seen for that matter. So if all goes to plan, I'll give some vocal coaching to Ivan and Vernie to bump them up to backing and hopefully, some songs they'll lead. Until then, I'm pretty sure I'll stick to singing and possibly rhythm guitar. What we actually need is a bass guitar in there, but coincidentally, there lies zero bass guitars amongst the five of us. I think. Well, once we get in there, I'm sure any of us can pick it up for a bassline. Anyways, we still have to establish playing in unison, and before we start original works, we'll be covering songs for practice. Some songs I'd like to cover are:

Wolftron - Ms. Luna Grim
Oasis - Wonderwall*
The Killers - Mr Brightside*
Radiohead/Incubus/moar stuff here

*About those songs. The other day, it was a jam session between me, Pants and Ivan and gee, how hard we tried to squeeze out a song. We first tried Mr. Brightside with Pants on lead and Ivan on rhythm and me on drums/vocals. Did NOT work out well, haha. I keep chopping up the 1/16's on the hi-hat when I tried to sing. So scratch that, moving on to Wonderwall. So give or take fifteen minutes, Pants practiced the chords while Ivan improv'd the drums while I sang. After butchering the song a few times, we actually got it down, which actually gave me a lot of hope in us.

Now fatigue is settling in with the alcohol running through my veins. Time to call it a night. Peace out cool cats.
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I gotta be honest...looking at these 08 kids' photos of their happy good-byes of high school kinda leave me feeling sad and empty.

I think about my last week, even last day of high school and it was merely: "Hi guys, bye guys, talk to you soon." (not.)

I was never close to anyone aside from one person from my school class, and just seeing everyone all cheery and embracing their last moments make me regret being as pessimistic as I am. I viewed high school as just something to attempt to enjoy and if I wasn't able to do that, I was to trudge through 'til the end.

Now here I am, finished with my first year of college, in my apartment, finished with a bag of Taco Bell, staring at the pile of beer cans on my desk, contemplating over my life as I'm doing right now. I don't even know what to think anymore.

First off, I need to find a new job. A job that pays. Well, actually, I don't even know what are my priorities anymore. I may have this band lined up and I hope well for that. And still, my dream of having my own clothing line seems so far away. So basically, I'm just sick of it all at the moment.

I wish I had a drink right now. Something to incapacitate my mind and let me forget what's going on. Stop me from wallowing in my self-pity please. I just want to sleep.
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I didn't realize how much it meant to me when an elder told me that: "You have a good personality, it will be a great asset to you in the future."

Peace out.
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Kenny Choi's solo project, Wolftron, May 11th!

Ms. Luna Grim:

Wait out on the sand,
Until the moonlight holds your hands.
There you'll fall in love,
You'll never have to run again.

I can't get enough of this feeling,
Of believing that I'll be the one.
I'll be the one to someday save you.
Lovely, she is my moonlight
I wish I could be hers too.

Wait out in the dark,
Until the moon burns through your heart.
Then you'll find some peace,
You'll never know my name again.

I can't get enough of this feeling,
Of believing that I'll be the one.
I'll be the one to someday save you.
Lovely, you are my moonlight
I wish I could be yours too.

I'll take you from this place straight to the moon.
And I'll throw the anchor oh, just to you.
Lovely, my moonlight maybe on the other side,
I'll learn to love you right.

I can't get enough of this feeling,
Of believing that I'll be the one.
I'll be the one to someday save you..
Lovely, you are my moonlight
I wish I could be yours too.
Lovely, you are my moonlight
I wish I could be yours too.
Lovely, you are my moonlight
I wish I could be yours too.
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So I'll just refer to people anonymously in this post using ambiguous consonants, regardless of their names.

G and H, I've never hated individuals in my life so much. I hope you both suffer painful, infinite torments after your time here on earth. I hope that your time alive is scathed by hardships and the remnants of the downfalls of others.

M, how could one possibly be such a snitch of sorts? I trust you to keep your words but alas, I am wrong in trusting in people again.

KD, you are misguided by your blind ambition and stupidity.

L, I wish you would just tell me what was on your mind.

T, I doubt you'll ever know this anytime soon, but I've always liked you these past years. I came last year to see you, but you weren't there. Despite the trials of time, my feelings haven't budged, regardless of who comes across in my life. You don't have to feel the same, it make a difference if you knew, but not yet. :p

R, I looked up to you back then, now, it's not just me looking up to you, it's us helping each other out and looking out for one another.

C, you're incredibly annoying sometimes. I dunno if you realize how ill-mannered you are inside.

N, you're incredibly hot. Yow. Hah.

C, you too. Yow.

R, you're incredibly dumb. Yow.

P, you too. Jesus christ. Honestly, how do you both get through life being so logically inept?

C, I'm sorry. But if you felt that way, I realized that I don't love you that way.

T, I would love for you to be part of my band. ;p

I'm done. I just needed a moment to get thoughts out of people out of my head.

So it's almost three in the morning again and I didn't touch any of my homework. Well, I'm about to just hit the sack then wake up a tad early and finish up. It's not much tonight, so I'm not tripping. I just better not sleep through all my alarms. Anyways, I digress, more ranting.

I have a huge problem with people fronting to others. For example, punk ass guys trying to act cutesy with girls, or square ass guys acting hard in front of others. I honestly wish everyone had the sense, regardless of confidence, to be themselves. Nobody cares if you're not white enough, or not black enough, or too metal or to country. If everyone were themselves, it'd make the world such a simpler place. Oh, then again, there are those that are just naturally fake and stupid. What to do with them? Well, someone needs to make my regular #1 combo with a coke. They honestly need to be separated with those with more sense. For instance, scene ass kids that like to say "nigga" like it's the thing to do. Honestly, saying that isn't necessarily degrading. If that truly is part of your vernacular and the vernacular of your peers, it's just another word in the daily dictionary. On the other hand, if you say it just because you find it amusing, like it's something to say to fulfill that empty, meaningless excuse for a persona, then so be it, but in that sense, it's degrading, senseless, and damn near offensive. I may rant a lot, but a lot of people are wastes of the oxygen around me. At least it's more tasteful than saying "die, die, die, die, die, die."

Whatever, off to sleep kids. Peace out.
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Over-worked? check.

Exhausted? check.

Slacking? double check.

I wish more people were awake in the wee hours of the night like me. :p

Daphne concert today. Woohoo, expect pictures :p
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